Real Time Embedded Automation Project in Chennai

1 Crore Projects provides Automation Project in Chennai Embedded Projects in Chennai – We offer projects for Final Year Engineering Students /  ECE Projects in Diploma .

We will Provide  Various kinds of Embedded Projects Such as the Robotic Automation Project in Chennai, Embedded Automation Project in Chennai for ECE, EEE, E&I . 2017 – 2018 Latest IEEE Embedded Projects offers Final Year Embedded Systems final year project at 1 Crore Projects.

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We also Best provide projects to M.Tech Embedded Projects for 2017 ME final Year Embedded Projects. 


1. Automatic tap control
2. Automatic washbasin
3. Automatic heat chamber control system
4. Railways accident avoiding system
5. Toilet helper
6. Automatic humidification system
7. Automatic room/toilet perfume spray mechanism
8. Two-wheeler automation with a security system
9. Digital locking system for material handling vehicle for industrial application
10. Fabrication of automatic jack
11. Fabrication of automatic temperature controller with the cooling system
12. Auto leveling for borewells
13. Wireless curtain opening system for VIP function
14. Fabrication of pathfinding Robo
15. Electronic numeric keyboard safety locking system
16. Cpi0066 automatic pressure controller cum valve open and closed system
17. Automatic rain operated wiper
18. The automatic railways signaling system
19. Automatic dam shutter control system
20. Fabrication of automatic railway gate controller
21. Automatic motorized door open/close mechanism
22. Automatic pressure monitor and cut off system
23. Fabrication of sensor-operated automated guided vehicle
24. Over speed indicator and automatic accident avoiding system for four-wheeler
25. Wireless Environmental Sensor Networking
26. Fabrication of solar automatic cell phone charger with pay system
27. Elimination of carbon particles from smoke
28. Sensor operated automatic track guided vehicle(atgv)
29. Automatic lamination machine
30. Fabrication of automated guided vehicle(agv)
31. Automatic dam shutter controlling system
32. Fabrication of unaided guided vehicle(ugv)
33. Timing operated solar pump