Raspberry PI Training in Chennai

RaspBerry Training in Chennai is a series of small single-board computer systems advanced within the UK by means of the raspberry pi basis to sell the teaching of basic laptop technological know-how in colleges and in growing countries. the unique model has become some distance greater popular than predicted, promoting outdoor of its goal marketplace for makes use of along with robotics. peripherals (inclusive of keyboards, mice, and cases) aren’t blanketed with the raspberry pi. a few add-ons however were included in numerous authentic and unofficial bundles.

RaspBerry Training courses in Chennai are in line with the raspberry pi basis, over five million raspberry pis had been bought, making it the exceptional-selling British laptop. they had bought 11 million devices. the inspiration released a board with an advanced layout in raspberry pi 1 model b+.

These boards are credit score-card sized and represent the usual mainline form issue. improved a+ and b+ models were released 12 months later. all fashions function a Broadcom system on a chip (soc), which incorporates an arm compatible principal processing unit (CPU) and an on-chip pics processing unit (GPU, a video core iv).

CPU velocity tiers from seven hundred MhHz to 1.2 GHz for the pi three and onboard memory variety from 256 MB to 1 GB ram. relaxed virtual (sd) playing cards are used to keep the running device and software memory in either the SDHC or MicroSDHC sizes.

Maximum boards have among one and 4 USB slots, HDMI and composite video output, and a three.5 mm phone jack for audio. lower-level output is supplied via a number of gpio pins which help commonplace protocols like i²c. the b-models have an 8p8c Ethernet port and the pi 3 and pi 0 w have onboard wi-fi 802.11n and Bluetooth.


Introduction to Raspberry Pi:

  •    Hardware aspects
  •    Board details

Overview of available hardware resources

  •    Operating systems available
  •    Pr-requisites of using raspberry pi

Installation of OS on Raspberry Pi

  •    Download Image and Prepare SD Card
  •    Install Raspberry Pi operating system

Linux System Administration:

  •    Linux Commands
  •    Basic Operations of Linux and commands understanding
  •    Raspberry Pi Configuration
  •    Installing and uninstalling software
  •    Boot and Display Options

Programming the Pi :

  •    Introduction to Compilers
  •    GCC, and C programming

Hardware Interfacing :

  •    LED, LCD
  •    Switch interfacing
  •    Sensors Interfacing