Raspberry PI Internship in Chennai

Raspberry pi internship in Chennai is a sequence of small single-board computer systems evolved within the UK via the raspberry pi foundation to sell the teaching of fundamental computer science in colleges and in growing countries. the original version became far greater famous than anticipated, selling out of doors of its target marketplace for uses which includes robotics. peripherals (together with keyboards, mice, and cases) aren’t blanketed with the raspberry pi. some add-ons but have been covered in several official and unofficial bundles.

Raspberry pi internship training in Chennai hardware has developed thru several variations that characteristic variations in reminiscence capacity and peripheral-tool support. this block diagram depicts fashions a, b, a+, and b+. model a, a+, and the pi 0 lack the Ethernet and USB hub additives. the ethernet adapter is internally connected to an extra USB port. in the model, a, a+, and the pi zero, the USB port is hooked up without delay to the machine on a chip.

At the pi 1 model b+ and later fashions the USB/Ethernet chip contains a five-point USB hub, of which 4 ports are to be had, while the pi 1 model b handiest offers two. at the pi zero, the USB port is likewise connected without delay to the soc, however, it makes use of a micro USB (OTG) port.

Raspberry pi Internship

Raspberry pi

  •    Introduction to PIC Family of MCUs
  •    Introduction to PIC IDE
  •    Basic Structure of C programs
  •    Introduction to Embedded C
  •    Features of PIC16F788
  •    Architecture, Pin Diagram
  •    Memory Organization
  •    Instruction set
  •    I/O Ports Configuration
  •    Analog To Digital Converter (ADC)
  •    Timers Timer0,1 and 2
  •    Capture Compare PWM Module (CCP)
  •    UART Communications
  •    LED Interfacing with PIC
  •    LED and Switch Interfacing with PIC
  •    Relay Interfacing with PIC 16F877A

Courses Highlights:

  •    Industrial Trainers
  •    Case study
  •    Hands-On Training
  •    Project Guidance
  •    Tutorial and necessary documents
  •    Compiler and Simulator student version