Smart Card Based on Projects in Chennai

Smart Card Projects:
1Crore Projects provide smart card based on projects in chennai may be used to post important files so as to be wanted by means of the scholar for any of its work. that is achieved by way of scanning the unique id saved in the card which is dispatched to the server in which the student’s file is stored and is immediately dispatched from the server wherever wished. therefore the person doesn’t bring its files always.

The student can use this card in the library to pay excellent and the amount of first-class could be calculated depending on the facts stored that are retrieved with the assistance of an identity stored in the card. the identical way in case of stationery store wherein the cash amount is deducted from the pupil’s account and the same manner in case of a canteen. accordingly, the student simply desires to hold the transportable card.

Hence this card could be very useful for a scholar and makes a lot of its paintings easy.


1. A Forest Fire Monitoring System Based On Gprs And Zigbee Wireless Sensor Network
2. A Reconfigurable Smart Sensor Interface For Industrial Wsn In Iot Environment
3. A Survey Of Intrusion Detection Systems In Wireless Sensor
4. A System For Automatic Notification And Severity Estimation Of Automotive Accidents
5. Channel And Energy Modeling For Self-Contained Wireless Sensor Networks In Oil Reservoirs
6. Crop Leaf Area Index Observations With A Wireless Sensor Network And Its Potential For Validating Remote Sensing Products
7. Low Power Wireless Sensor Network For Building Monitoring
8. Wireless Sensor Network Based Smart Home Sensor Selection, Deployment And Monitoring
9. A Battery-Assisted Sensor-Enhanced Rfid Tag
10. A Passive Rfid Tag Embedded Temperature Sensor
11. A Very Simple User Access Control Technique Through Smart Device Authentication Using Bluetooth Communication
12. An Experimental Study For Inter-User Interference
13. Data Centre Monitoring And Alerting System Using Wsn
14. Data Cleaning For Rfid And Wsn Integration
15. Differentiated Virtual Passwords, Secret Little
16. Effects Of Ambient Humidity On A Micromachined
17. Evaluation Of Zigbee Wireless Sensor Networks
18. Face-To-Face Proximity Estimation Using Bluetooth On Smartphones
19. Intelligent Machine Guard Monitoring A Wireless System
20. Mining Sensor Data In Cyber-Physical Systems
21. Nfc Based Secure Mobile Healthcare System
22. Portable Roadside Sensors For Vehicle Counting
23. Sensor Node Failure Detection Based On Round
24. The Generic Design Of A High-Traffic Advanced
25. Wireless Environmental Sensor Networking
26. Wireless Sensor Based Energy Conservation Via Bluetooth
27. Wireless Sensor Networks For Resources Tracking
28. Wsn-Based Smart Sensors And Actuator For Power
29. Zigzag-Shaped Coil Array Structure For Wireless
30. An Intelligent Target Localization In Wireless Sensor Networks
31. An Nfc Ticketing System With A New Approach Of An Inverse Reader Mode
32. Energy-Efficient Rssi-Based Localization For Wireless Sensor Networks
33. Rfid Coordinate Registration For Agricultural Process Sensing
34. Smart Entrance Guard Control Based On Rfid Card And Zigbee Authorization
35. Wireless Sensor Network Based Air Quality Monitoring System
36. A Review on Basic Data-Driven Approaches for Industrial Process Monitoring
37. A Survey of Recent Developments in Home M2M Networks
38. A Survey of Traffic Control with Vehicular Communications
39. Assistive Clothing Pattern Recognition for Visually Impaired People
40. Efficient Data Collection for Large-Scale Mobile Monitoring Applications
41. Energy Efficient Environment Monitoring System Based on the IEEE 802.15.4 Standard for Low Cost Requirements
42. Recognition of Airport Runways in FLIR Images Based on Knowledge
43. Robust Control for Urban Road Traffic Networks
44. Smart Driving of a Vehicle Using Model Predictive Control for Improving Traffic Flow
45. Automatic License Plate Recognition Based On Embedded Systems
46. A More Efficient Energy Management System Based On Zigbee Communication And Infrared Remote Control
47. Electronic Passport And The Future Of Government Issued Rfid Based Identification
48. Mems Accelerometer Based Nonspecific-User Hand Gesture Recognition
49. An Accelerometer Based Digital Pen With A Trajectory Recognition Algorithm For Hand Written Digital And Gesture Recognition
50. Design And Development Of Weather Monitoring Flying Machine
51. Design And Implementation Of Low Cost Intelligent Wheelchair
52. Design Of Reliable Transmission Protocol For Zigbee-Based Wireless Patient Monitoring
53. Developing Voice Control System For Zigbee Based Home Automation Networks
54. Implementation Of Zigbee-Gsm Based Home Security Monitoring And Remote Control System
55. Infopods Zigbee-Based Remote Information Monitoring Devices
56. Over Speed Identification With Zigbee And Rfid
57. Research On Method For Real Time Monitoring Dynamic Vehicle Loading Based On Multi Sensors
58. Route Planning And User Interface For An Advanced Intelligent Transport System
59. Sensor Network Based Oil Well Health Monitoring And Intelligent Control
60. Solar Power Wireless Monitoring System Based On Arm7