Bluetooth Based Project centers in Chennai

Bluetooth Based Projects:
1Crore Projects provides Bluetooth based projects in Chennai is a wi-fi generation popular for exchanging records over brief distances (using brief-wavelength UHF radio waves in the ism band from 2.four to two.485 GHz from constant and mobile devices, and constructing personal vicinity networks (pans). invented through telecom vendor Ericsson in 1994, it become originally conceived as a wireless opportunity to rs-232 records cables.

Bluetooth is controlled via the Bluetooth based project centers in Chennai special hobby group (sig), which has greater than 30,000 member corporations inside the areas of telecommunication, computing, networking, and patron electronics.

The ieee standardized Bluetooth as ieee 802.15.1, but now not maintains the same old. the Bluetooth sig oversees improvement of the specification, manages the qualification program, and protects the logos.a manufacturer ought to meet Bluetooth sig standards to market it as a Bluetooth tool. a community of patents practice to the generation, which might be licensed to man or woman qualifying devices.




1. Bluetooth based data logger for industrial automation.
2. Bluetooth based advanced wireless home devices control system.
3. Bluetooth based college notice board using LCD.
4. Bluetooth based security enabled powered devices control system.
5. Bluetooth communication system for control of a mobile robot
6. Bluetooth enabled handheld intelligent multi parameter monitoring system
7. Bluetooth enabled smart phone remote control for home automation.
8. Bluetooth robot with CMOS image sensor (spy robot)
9. Detecting the conditions of remote areas through data acquisition system using Bluetooth module
10. Evaluation of Bluetooth hands-free profile for sensors applications in smartphone platforms
11. Exploiting Bluetooth on Android mobile devices for home security application
12. Human body temperature and heart rate monitoring on mobile screen over Bluetooth wireless technology
13. Industrial devices control using Bluetooth module
14. Intelligent fire monitoring using blue tooth technology