Embedded Testing Training in Chennai

Embedded testing training in Chennai imparts much in like manner to application programming testing. Hence, quite a bit of this two-section article is an outline of fundamental testing ideas and wording. In any case, some essential contrasts exist between application testing and implanted frameworks testing. Installed engineers regularly approach equipment based test apparatuses that are by and large not utilized as a part of utilization improvement.

Likewise, Embedded testing course regularly has extraordinary attributes that ought to be reflected in the test design. These distinctions tend to give implanted frameworks testing its own particular unmistakable flavor. This article covers the nuts and bolts of testing and experiment improvement and indicates out points of interest special installed frameworks work en route.

Embedded Testing


  •    Interfacing of LCD display with PIC16F877A
  •    Interfacing of Led glow with PIC16F877A
  •    Interfacing of Keypad with PIC16F877A
  •    Timer execution CCP Module
  •    Configuration of ADC modules
  •    Interfacing of RTC (DS1307)
  •    Serial communication USART
  •    Interrupt Handling mechanic
  •    Interfacing of stepper motor using ULN2003A
  •    Interfacing DC motor-Speed control using L293D
  •    EEPROM configuration
  •    Task 1 – Robotics based project
  •    Task2 – sensor based project
  •    Task3 – coin project

Topics Covered:

  •    Introduction to PIC controller
  •    The architecture of PIC 16F877A
  •    Pin Configuration
  •    File selection Register of PIC 16F877A
  •    Programmable Serial Channel

Embedded Software :

  •   MPLAB IDE software
  •   Proteus simulation software
  •   MPLAB IDE programmer
  •   In this System Programmable technique using SPI module Projects