ZIGBEE Training in Chennai

Zigbee Training in Chennai is an IEEE 802.15. four-based specification for a collection of excessive-degree communication protocols used to create non-public area networks with small, low-strength digital radios, which include home automation, scientific tool data collection, and different low-energy low-bandwidth desires, designed for small scale projects which want wireless connection.

The technology defined by means of the ZigBee specification is meant to be less difficult and less pricey than different wireless non-public area networks (wpans), such as Bluetooth or wi-fi. applications include wi-fi mild switches, electric meters with in-home shows, visitors control structures, and other client and commercial equipment that requires brief-range low-rate wireless information switch.

Zigbee Training courses in Chennai its low electricity consumption limits transmission distances to ten–100 meters line-of-sight, depending on energy output and environmental characteristics. ZigBee gadgets can transmit information over long distances by passing information through a mesh community of intermediate gadgets to reach extra distant ones.

ZigBee is usually used in low facts fee programs that require long battery life and cozy networking. ZigBee has a described charge of 250 kbit/s, best appropriate for intermittent records transmissions from a sensor or enters the device.



  •    Introduction to Microprocessors
  •    Introduction to Signal processing
  •    Introduction to Mixed-signal Processing
  •    Introduction to Microcontrollers
  •    Microcontroller classifications
  •    Introduction to System On Chip (SoC)

Application Development:

  •    Architecture
  •    Memory
  •    Addressing Modes
  •    Instruction set
  •    Timers/Counters
  •    Stopwatch
  •    UART

Applications using External Peripherals:

  •    Interfacing of LEDs
  •    Interfacing seven segment display,
  •    Interfacing of LCD
  •    I2C device Interfacing.

Internal Peripheral Applications:

  •    Introduction to Advanced RISC Machine PWM Vectored Interrupts On-Chip ADC/DAC RTC
  •    JTAG
  •    SPI
  •    UART

Applications using External Peripherals:

  •    Checking existence
  •    Clearing
  •    Operations

Language and Tools

  •     Introduction to Embedded C programming
  •    Data types, Qualifiers and Operators
  •    Loop control and Functions
  •    Array, Strings, and Classes
  •    Pointers and Structures
  •    Arithmetic operations, and Typecasting,
  •    Call by Value, Call by Reference and Dynamic memory allocation

External Peripheral Applications

  •    About Zigbee
  •    Interfacing Tx and Rx
  •    Interfacing control section
  •    Power electronics drive control
  •    DC Motor Drive
  •    Servo Motor Drive
  •    Stepper Motor Drive
  •     Sensors