Image processing training in Chennai

is a way to perform a few operations on a photograph, with the intention to get an enhanced photograph or to extract a few useful facts from it. it’s miles a form of signal processing wherein enter is an image and output can be photograph or traits/functions related to that photograph.

In recent times, photograph processing is among rapidly developing technologies. it paperwork middle research area inside engineering and laptop technology disciplines too.

Image processing generally refers to digital picture processing, however optical and analog picture processing are also possible. this text is set well known techniques that practice to them all.

The purchase of pictures (generating the input photograph inside the first location) is called imaging. generally, photo processing gadget includes treating snapshots as two-dimensional signals while making use of already set signal processing techniques to them.


Matlab Basics:

  •    Introduction to Matlab
  •    The MATLAB environment
  •    Basic computer programming
  •    Variables and constants, simple calculations
  •    Formulas and functions
  •    MATLAB toolboxes
  •    Matlab as {best} calculator
  •    Standard Matlab windows

Matrices and vector:

  •    Matrix and linear algebra review
  •    Vectors and matrices in MATLAB
  •    Matrix operations and functions in MATLAB

Computer Programming :

  •    Algorithms and structures
  •    MATLAB scripts and functions (m-files)
  •    Control structures (if…then, loops)

MATLAB Programming:

  •    Reading and writing data
  •    File handling
  •    Personalized functions
  •    Toolbox structure
  •    Toolbox structure

Operations with variables :

  •    Checking existence
  •    Clearing
  •    Operations


  •    Columns and rows: creation
  •    Size & length
  •    Multiplication
  •    division, power
  •    Operations

Writing script files:

  •    Logical variables
  •    Operators
  •    Flow control
  •    Loop operators

Writing functions:

  •    Input/output arguments
  •    Function visibility, path.
  •    Example: Matlab startup

Simple graphics:

  •    2D plots
  •    3Dplots
  •    Figures
  •    subplots

File Input-Output:

  •    Matlab files
  •    Text files
  •    Binary files
  •    Mixed text-binary files

Communication with external devices:

  •    Serial port
  •    Parallel port
  •    Sound card
  •    Video input Matlab

Polynomial fit:

  •    1D and 2D fits
  •    Data windowing
  •    Error bounds