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1Crore Provides Provides Latest 2017 IEEE Matlab projects in Chennai Matlab (matrix laboratory) is a multi-paradigm numerical computing environment and a fourth-technology programming language.

A proprietary programming language evolved by using MathWorks, Matlab allows matrix manipulations, plotting of functions and facts, implementation of algorithms, creation of person interfaces, and interfacing with packages written in different languages, such as c, c++, c#, java, Fortran and python. Matlab Image Processing Projects Centers in Chennai  offers projects for Final Year Engineering Students / Diploma ECE Projects in Chennai .

We will Provide Various kinds of Image Processing Projects Such as Robotic Projects, Matlab projects for ECE , EEE , E&I . 2017 – 2018 Latest Matlab IEEE Projects offers final year projects at 1 Crore Projects.

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1. Image Compression and Quality Factor in case of JPEG Image format
2. Identification of Fake Images Using Illumination Classification
3. An Improved SVD-based watermarking scheme using human visual characteristics
4. Secret Writing using Matrix Pattern and LSB Algorithms in RGB Images
5. Vehicle speed estimation from tracking license plates
6. Implementation of a model for Haze and Fog Removal
7. Automatic and accurate shadow detection in single Image
8. The Hotelling-Lawley trace statistic for change detection in polarimetric SAR data
9. Single Image Dehazing for Visibility Improvement
10. Vessel transform for automatic optic disk detection in retinal images
11. Automatic detection of microaneurysms in diabetic fluorescein angiography
12. Image Segmentation Techniques of Brain Tumor Detection through MRI Images
13. A low-complexity intestinal lumen detection method for wireless endoscopy images
14. Comparison of local anomaly detection algorithms based on statistical hypothesis tests
15. An Automated method for Human Saliency Detection
16. Detection, localization and pose classification of the ear in Range images
17. Robust extraction of blood vessels for retinal recognition
18. Biometric personal identification system based on patterns created by finger veins
19. Person Identification system based on the Pattern of Palm print
20. Real-time nonparametric background modeling method for visual surveillance
21. Feature weighting in static and dynamic time warping for gesture recognition in-depth data
22. Automated Accident prevention system using Driver Fatigue Detection
23. Video-based vehicle detection and classification with Foreground based cascade Classifier
24. Visual Object Tracking Performance Measures from a different perspective
25. Autonomous tracking of vehicle rear lights and detection of brakes and turn signals
26. Predict scooter’s stopping event using Smartphone as the sensing device
27. Motion estimation and image difference for multi-object tracking
28. A vision-based system for early fire detection
29. Automatic crack detection from pavement images
30. An Autonomous System for Monitoring of Diseases in Greenhouses