Microprocessor Training in Chennai

Micro Processor Training in Chennai is a laptop processor which includes the capabilities of a computer’s imperative processing unit (CPU) on a single incorporated circuit (ic), or at maximum a few integrated circuits.

The microprocessor is a multipurpose, clock-driven, check-in primarily based, virtual-incorporated circuit that accepts binary information as input, tactics it consistent with commands stored in its reminiscence, and presents outcomes as output. microprocessors include both combinational good judgment and sequential digital common sense.

Microprocessors perform on numbers and symbols represented inside the binary numeral gadget. Micro Processor courses in Chennai is the combination of an entire CPU onto an unmarried chip or on a few chips significantly reduced the cost of processing electricity, increasing efficiency. incorporated circuit processors are produced in massive numbers with the aid of especially computerized processes ensuing in a low consistent with unit fee. single-chip processors grow reliability as there are numerous fewer electric connections to fail.

As microprocessor designs get higher, the price of producing a chip (with smaller components constructed on a semiconductor chip the equal length) generally remains the same. earlier than microprocessors, small computer systems have been built the use of racks of circuit forums with many medium- and small-scale included circuits. microprocessors blended this into one or a few big-scale ics.

Endured will increase in microprocessor potential have considering rendered other styles of computers almost completely out of date (see records of computing hardware), with one or more microprocessors utilized in the whole thing from the smallest embedded systems and hand-held devices to the most important mainframes and supercomputers.

Microcontroller Course

Microcontroller Course Details

  •    Features
  •    Architecture
  •    Pin Diagram
  •    Memory
  •    Assembly Language Programming
  •    Embedded C
  •    Peripheral Interfacing
  •    Timer & Counter
  •    UART
  •    Interrupt

Introduction architecture:

  •    Instruction set / Bus architecture
  •    RAM, FLASH, UART, and other peripherals.
  •    Pin configurations of different Microcontrollers
  •    Introduction to 8051 programming KIT

Assembly & Embedded C language:

  •    Assembly Language (Instruction set, Mnemonics, Memory address)
  •    Introductions to Embedded C
  •    Loops, String, Arrays, Pointers
  •    Functions and Macros
  •    Compilers, Editors, and Burners
  •    Compilation and burning hex file on Programmer

Peripheral Interfacings:

  •    Port programming & led interfacing
  •    Seven segment display
  •    Liner keyboard
  •    Matrix keyboard
  •    DC motor
  •    Stepper motor
  •    Relay
  •    Timer & Counter

Communication Protocols :

  •    RTC (I2C)
  •    EEPROM (I2C)
  •    UART (Serial Communication)
  •    ADC(0804)
  •    Sensors

Advance display modules:

  •    16×2 LCD display
  •    Introduction sensor
  •    LCD Controller and Commands