Matlab Training in Chennai

Matlab Training
Matlab Training for B.E ECE Students is a multi-paradigm numerical computing surroundings and fourth-era programming language. Demo training be provide proprietary programming language evolved with the aid of MathWorks, Matlab lets in matrix manipulations, plotting of features and records, implementation of algorithms, creation of person interfaces, and interfacing with applications written in other languages, including c, c++, c#, java, Fortran and python.

Matlab Courses even though Matlab training is meant typically for numerical computing, an non-obligatory toolbox uses the mupad symbolic engine, allowing get admission to symbolic computing capabilities. a further package deal, Simulink, adds graphical multi-area simulation Matlab training Chennai and model-based design for dynamic and embedded structures.

Matlab Syllabus

Matlab Basics:

  •    Introduction to Matlab
  •    The MATLAB environment
  •    Basic computer programming
  •    Variables and constants, simple calculations
  •    Formulas and functions
  •    MATLAB toolboxes
  •    Matlab as {best} calculator
  •    Standard Matlab windows

Matrices and vector:

  •    Matrix and linear algebra review
  •    Vectors and matrices in MATLAB
  •    Matrix operations and functions in MATLAB

Computer Programming :

  •    Algorithms and structures
  •    MATLAB scripts and functions (m-files)
  •    Control structures (if…then, loops)

MATLAB Programming:

  •    Reading and writing data
  •    File handling
  •    Personalized functions
  •    Toolbox structure
  •    Toolbox structure

Operations with variables :

  •    Checking existence
  •    Clearing
  •    Operations


  •    Columns and rows: creation
  •    Size & length
  •    Multiplication
  •    division, power
  •    Operations

Writing script files:

  •    Logical variables
  •    Operators
  •    Flow control
  •    Loop operators

Writing functions:

  •    Input/output arguments
  •    Function visibility, path.
  •    Example: Matlab startup

Simple graphics:

  •    2D plots
  •    3Dplots
  •    Figures
  •    subplots

File Input-Output:

  •    Matlab files
  •    Text files
  •    Binary files
  •    Mixed text-binary files

Communication with external devices:

  •    Serial port
  •    Parallel port
  •    Sound card
  •    Video input Matlab

Polynomial fit:

  •    1D and 2D fits
  •    Data windowing
  •    Error bounds