Robotics Training in Chennai

Robotics Training in Chennai is the interdisciplinary branch of engineering and technology that includes mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, pc technological know-how, and others. robotics deals with the layout, production, operation, and use of robots, in addition to laptop structures for his or her control, sensory comments, and statistics processing.

The concept of creating machines that can function autonomously dates again to classical times, however, research into the capability and ability makes use of robots did now not develop drastically till the 20th century. for the duration of history, it has been frequently assumed that robots will someday be capable of mimic human behavior and control duties in a human-like style.

Robotics Training courses in Chennai is a rapidly developing discipline, as technological advances preserve; getting to know, designing, and building new robots serve numerous sensible purposes, whether or not regionally, commercially, or militarily.

Many robots are built to do jobs that are dangerous to human beings together with defusing bombs, finding survivors in risky ruins, and exploring mines and shipwrecks. robotics is also utilized in stem (technology, technology, engineering, and mathematics) as a coaching aid.

These technologies are used to broaden machines which is an alternative for humans. robots may be used in any situation and for any motive, but nowadays many are used in dangerous environments (which include bomb detection and de-activation), production methods, or in which people can not live to tell the tale. robots can tackle any shape however a few are made to resemble people in appearance.

That is said to help within the reputation of a robot in sure replicative behaviors generally performed by way of people. such robots try and mirror strolling, lifting, speech, cognition, and basically something a human can do. a lot of modern-day robots are inspired by using nature, contributing to the sector of bio-stimulated robotics.

Robotics Course Training


  • VLSI Design Flow
  • ASIC vs FPGA
  • RTL Design Methodologies
  • Introduction to ASIC Verification Methodologies
  • Applications of VLSI

Advanced Digital System Design:

  •    Introduction to Digital Electronics
  •    ALU circuits
  •    Data processing circuits
  •    Combinational circuits – Design and Analysis
  •    Latches and Flip Flops
  •    Shift Registers and Counters
  •    Sequential circuits – Design and Analysis
  •    Memories and PLD
  •    Finite State Machine


  •    Introduction to VHDL
  •    Applications of VHDL
  •    VHDL language concepts
  •    Levels of abstraction
  •    Data types, Enumerated data types
  •    VHDL operators
  •    Declarations – libraries, entity, architecture
  •    Data Objects – signal, variable, constant
  •    Dataflow model – Concurrent assignment statements
  •    Structural model – Component declarations
  •    Component instantiation
  •    Generate Statement, Configuration block
  •    Behavioral model – Process statement,
  •    Delay concept, Generic concept
  •    Arrays, Records, Procedures, Functions
  •    FSM –structure, Moore vs mealy,
  •    Standard packages, Local and Global Declarations
  •    Package, Package body
  •    Writing Test Benches
  •    Advanced VHDL Topics – assertions, attributes, file handling