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Sensor Based Projects:

1Crore Projects provide Sensor Based Projects Chennai is the spine of plant automation and robotics. interfacing their output to the firmware is one of the vital areas in business applications. the know-how of their parameters is of awesome importance in designing a manipulate device. sensors together with temperature, gas, humidity, ir, ultrasonic laser, pir, etc are broadly used inside the industries.

Growing initiatives concerning such sensors based projects deliver a clear idea in understanding their use & barriers. data acquisition, scada, fuzzy common sense control are few superior degree projects the ones commonly undertake embedded structures and requires software area information in particular the “c” language.

Sensor Based Project Centers Chennai these sensors primarily based electronics use a ramification of sensors to serve as commercial and home programs. sensors are a manner of interacting with the physical global and getting physical readings in digital shape.

We continuously research sensor based projects primarily based structures that might be yet to be advanced. our researchers preserve getting to know on progressive sensor based totally projects which could gain us and remedy human issues. find ultrasonic, ir, gps, gsm, moisture, water, temperature, accelerometer, gyro, and more sensor primarily based projects. our team continuously researches progressive sensor primarily based initiatives to assist engineers, college students, and researchers learn about new sensors and their use with microcontroller-based totally circuits very quickly.

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Accident Prevention Using Eye Blinking And Head Movement
2. Eyeball Controlled Automatic Wheelchair
3. Multi-Sensor Based Security Robot Using Zigbee
4. Gesture Recognition Of American Sign Language For Deaf And Dumb People
5. Sensor Based Brushless Dc Motor Speed Control Using Microcontroller
6. Design Of A Low-Cost Contact-Less Digital Tachometer With Added Wireless Feature
7. Design Of Line Follower Robot Using Microcontroller
8. Street Light Glow On Detecting Vehicle Movement Using Sensor
9. Density Based Traffic Signal System Using Microcontroller And Ir Sensors
10. Solar Energy Measurement System Using Microcontroller
11. Speed Synchronization Of Multiple Motors Using Microcontroller
12. Transformer Health Condition Monitoring Through Gsm Technology
13. Soil Moisture Content Based Automatic Motor Pumping For Agriculture
14. Wireless Earthquake Alarm System For Early Warning
15. Real Time Water Quality Measurement System Based On Gsm
16. An Efficient Monitoring And Controlling Of Bank Security By Using Ir Sensors
17. Embedded System For Hazardous Gas Detection And Alerting
18. Implementation Of Railway Automation System With Sensors Network
19. Development Of Smart Robotic Vehicle For Border Security
20. Safe Navigation System Using Ultrasonic And Zigbee Technology
21. Bidirectional Rotation Of An Induction Motor With A Remote Control Device
22. A Zigbee Based Automatic Patient Health Monitoring System
23. A Precision Temperature Controller Using Microcontroller
24. Battery Monitoring System Using Microcontroller
25. Distance Measurement Of An Object Or Obstacle By Ultrasonic Sensors
26. Scada For Real Time System With Labview And Microcontroller
27. Car Parking System Using Wireless Sensor Network
28. Microcontroller Based Automatic Door Opening System
29. Fire And Smoke Detection And Notification System Using Zigbee
30. Sensor Based Automatic Control Of Railway Gates



31. Speed Checker To Detect Rash Driving On Highways
32. Wireless Meter With Tamper Detection And Control System
33. Auto Metro Train To Shuttle Between Stations
34. An Intelligent Air Pollutant Vehicle Tracker System Using Gas Sensor
35. Touch Screen Based Digital Menu Ordering System Using Avr
36. Advanced Car Security System Using Gsm
37. Real Time Digital Controller For A Liquid Level System
38. Footstep Power Generation Using Piezoelectric Sensors
39. Touch Screen Based Robot Using Zigbee
40. Sensor Based Flood Intimation In Railways Using Zigbee And Gsm