Hello students!!! We, 1CRORE PROJECT center in Chennai providing final year projects and mini projects for the Engineering and Diploma students. Our Projects are end to end practically developed by trained professionals in order to deliver the best quality projects to the students and at the same time students can gain their technical knowledge.

We are providing Embedded Projects, Arduino Based Projects, Android Based Projects, Automation Projects, Robotics Projects, Matlab Projects and IOT projects. Here we list some of our Top Projects,


We are all heard about Data and Security Breach in so many software applications and its increasing day by day as well. To overcome this and protect our application from threats, we have developed Advance Security based on Application Projects for students to enhance their knowledge on software security.

  • Designing an Adaptive Acoustic Modem for Underwater Sensor Networks
  • Detection System Design of Traffic Flow Color Video Based on ARM9
  • Distributed Compressive Sampling for Lifetime Optimization in Dense Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Enhancing Mine Safety with Wireless Sensor Networks using Zigbee Technology
  • Floating Car Data Augmentation Based on Infrastructure Sensors and Neural Networks


Do you ever think about how mobile communication works? Communicate with others by using electronic devices is still a big achievement. We at 1crore projects in Chennai have wide range of projects on Smart Phone Mobile Communication. Students can learn practically and improve their knowledge on mobile communication using Cellular Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA). Some of our projects are,

  • A Survey of Traffic Control with Vehicular Communication
  • Recognition of Airport Runways in Flir Images Based on Knowledge
  • Automated Irrigation System Using a Wireless
  • Design And Implementation of Vehicle Tracking
  • Remote Monitoring of Power Frequency Electrical


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made huge impact in many fields. Basically, Artificial Intelligence means computer-controlled robots are assigned to do tasks which are basically carried out my human. Being the leading Project center in Chennai, we have numerous counts of Artificial Intelligence control projects for the engineering final year students. Here, we have listed our projects below:

  • A Compact and Compliant External Pipe-Crawling Robot
  • A Robotic Crack Inspection and Mapping System for Bridge Deck
  • A Study on Sinus-Lifting Motion of a Snake Robot with Sequential Optimization of a Hybrid System
  • An Online Stair-Climbing Control Method for a Transformable Tracked Robot
  • Automatic Lighting System Using Multiple Robotic Lamps
  • Design Of an Intelligent Security Robot for Collision Free Navigation Applications
  • Development Of a Robotic Arm for Dangerous (Explode) Object Disposal
  • GSM Controlled Robotics
  • Mobile Robot Localization Using the Phase of Passive UHF RFID Signals
  • Modeling And Control of a Single Axis Tilting Quad Copter


         Interactive Voice Reaction (IVR) is the technology that helps to interact with computers by voice commands. Instead of typing keyboard, we can give input as a voice note with the help of IVR. We are offering best Voice integrated Projects in Chennai for engineering final year students. Some of our projects are listed below.

  • Voice Controlled Intelligent Robot for Multi-Specialty Operations
  • Voice based Activation and Control of Equipment
  • Voice based Elevator Movement and Display
  • Voice Control based Speed Control of Dc Motor
  • Voice Recognition for Controlling Color Television
  • Voice Control / Speech Recognition Alive Human Detector
  • Voice Recognition based Robotic Car


At 1Crore Projects Chennai, you can find best MATLAB Projects with newly developed concepts with guaranteed project output. We are providing Authentication Access based projects for the students at reasonable cost. This project helps to verify and identify the user for giving authentication for their wish. We are providing best 2022 final year projects for engineering departments.

  • Biometric fingerprint recognition based time and attendance
  • Real-time implementation of fingerprint based authentication
  • Fingerprint recognition based digital locker security system
  • Fingerprint identification recognition based digital voting system
  • Fingerprint based security system
  • Fingerprint based office attendance system