Satellite Mobile Communication Project Centers in Chennai

1crore projects centers provides Satellite verbal exchange structures use satellites to communicate among two remote terrestrial locations, a terrestrial place and cellular station (AIRCRAFT, SHIP, LAND AUTOMOBILES etc…) or two mobile stations.

Satellite tv for pc is an item that orbits any other massive item like a planet. a communique satellite is a station in the area that is used for telecommunication, radio, and television signals in the best form, satellite tv for pc conversation can be the notion of as a huge microwave repeater inside the sky. 

Because of the large distance from the earth, the satellite mobile communication needs to have sufficiently excessive electricity to communicate with compact ground antennas. satellites orbit around the earth ◦ orbits may be round or elliptical. important parameters inclination and elevation angle inclination angle among the equatorial plane and the plane described via the satellite mobile communication projects.

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1. A Survey Of Traffic Control With Vehicular Communications
2. Recognition Of Airport Runways In Flir Images Based On Knowledge
3. Study Of The Track–Train Continuous Information Transmission
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5. Automated Irrigation System Using A Wireless
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8. Remote Monitoring Of Power Frequency Electrical
9. Tactical Driving Behavior with Different Levels of Automation
10. Using Delayed Observations for Long-Term Vehicle Tracking in Large Environments
11. Wireless black box using MEMS accelerometer and GPS tracking for accidental monitoring of vehicles
12. MEMS sensor using hill station vehicle
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14. Wireless Access Monitoring and Control system based on Digital Door Lock
15. Remote Surveillance System for Driver Drowsiness in Real-time Using Low-cost Embedded Platform
16. Field Variable Monitoring In Real Time (Gps, Soil Moisture, Temperature) With Precision Farming Applications
17. Application Of Environmental Management On Energy Saving And Green House Gas Reduction
18. Application Of Gprs Technology In Water Quality Monitoring System
19. Controlling Robot By Gsm Thorugh Sms
20. Designation And Realization Of Ship Navigation System Embedded Platform Based On Arm
21. Development Of Short Message Service (Sms) Based Notice Board
22. GPS Vehicle Theft Identification and Tracking and Control system
23. PIR Based Motion Detection Monitoring With Alert Using GSM GPRS Technology
24. Wireless Black Box Using Mems Accelerometer And Gps Tracking For Accidental Monitoring Of Vehicles