Robotics Inplant Training in Chennai

Robotics inplant training in Chennai is the interdisciplinary branch of engineering and technological know-how that consists of mechanical engineering, electric engineering, pc science, and others. robotics deals with the layout, production, operation, and use of robots, as well as computer systems for their management, sensory remarks, and statistics processing. those technology are used to broaden machines which could replacement for human beings. robots may be utilized in any state of affairs and for any motive, however, today many are used in dangerous environments (along with bomb detection and de-activation), production tactics, or in which people can not survive.
Robots can tackle any form however some are made to resemble human beings in look. that is said to assist in the recognition of a robot in certain replicative behaviors normally executed by human beings. such robots try and reflect taking walks, lifting, speech, cognition, and essentially whatever a human can do. a lot of cutting-edge robots are stimulated by way of nature, contributing to the sector of bio-inspired robotics.
Robotics ipt in Chennai is an unexpectedly developing subject, as technological advances retain; studying, designing, and building new robots serve numerous realistic purposes, whether or not locally, commercially, or militarily. many robots are built to do jobs that can be risky to humans consisting of defusing bombs, finding survivors in unstable ruins, and exploring mines and shipwrecks. robotics is likewise used in stem (science, era, engineering, and mathematics) as a coaching resource.

Robotics Inplant Training

Robotics Inplant Training

  •    Introduction to PIC Family of MCUs
  •    Introduction to PIC IDE
  •    Basic Structure of C programs
  •    Introduction to Embedded C
  •    Features of PIC16F788
  •    Architecture, Pin Diagram
  •    Memory Organization
  •    Instruction set
  •    I/O Ports Configuration
  •    Analog To Digital Converter (ADC)
  •    Timers Timer0,1 and 2
  •    Capture Compare PWM Module (CCP)
  •    UART Communications
  •    LED Interfacing with PIC
  •    LED and Switch Interfacing with PIC
  •    Relay Interfacing with PIC 16F877A

Courses Highlights:

  •    Industrial Trainers
  •    Case study
  •    Hands-On Training
  •    Project Guidance
  •    Tutorial and necessary documents
  •    Compiler and Simulator student version